Sunday, December 28, 2008

Encounter at Blogpoint

How to begin? As they say, starting is the hardest thing to do.

Welcome to Tilting at Treadmills, the idea-channel with which I'll share a variety of writing samples with two primary goals in mind:

1. To improve my creative writing through feedback and comments via an online workshop format.
2. To strengthen and reinforce the love of consistently writing several times a week

As is the nature of blogs in general, I am dependent upon open discussion and a free trade of ideas, comments, and witty retorts; I thrive on feedback either through smile or gritted teeth. Most of all, readers are my mirror, something that I can use not only to examine myself but also something to bounce ideas back. Now that I think about it, scratch that analogy: this blog is my mirror, but readers are the light.

With that said, I'll list my writing interests:
-Poetry (primarily prose)
-Short fiction and Novella excerpts
-Column: primarily politics, social justice, media, and pop culture
-The Sciences in Layman's Terms, aka "Look What I Learned From The Discovery Channel"
-Random mental flatulence (as is common in the Blogosphere)

Thank you for your time, and let's get ready for the ride.

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