Thursday, July 16, 2009

Driving Pet Peeves

I've been meaning to write this for a while now, ever since my dear Sofia (aka 2006 Nissan Sentra) was the victim of a hit and run. Of course, such a violation is much more than a pet peeve, but today, I saw a rather sweet Lexus SUV swerving in and out of lanes very erratically with its gas tank cap hang and dragging in the wind, only to see the driver with one hand on the wheel and another hand around his girl.

For now, I'm only focused on highway drivers, since the vast majority of my driving time is such. City driving I'll leave for others or for another day with more observations.

Let's get started. I don't like:
-People (not "drivers") who insist on driving 20 miles below the speed limit
-People who don't know the difference between the fast and slow lanes (yes, there are two guilty parties here)
-People who can't maintain their speed but maintain their cell phone conversations (head sets are okay)
-People who break for emergency vehicles in the opposite flow of traffic but are separated by a 6 inch wide cement barrier
-People who insist on driving 20 miles below the speed limit, but then increase by 40 miles when they see you trying to overtake them
-People who assume that a highway patrol car already tending to another speeder/driver-in-need/accident will immediately stop what they're doing and go after them for driving 5 over the limit
-People in the left or middle lanes who don't realize that cars (and even giant semi trucks) are outpacing them
-People on motorcycles (especially in squadrons) zipping between cars at 125 mph
-People who overtake you but then slow down, thereby defeating the purpose of switching to a faster lane in the first place

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