Friday, July 17, 2009

Rocket Man

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the first Lunar Landing on July 20, I present to you the Apollo 11 Edition:

Da Eagle Has Liz-zanded
The Times: To commemorate the anniversary, Buzz Aldrin has teamed with Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli, and Soulja Boy to create a rap single and video.

Don't worry, all proceeds are going to Aldrin's non-profit foundation ShareSpace.

The CIA, eight years to the day after Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, revealed documents showing that the Agency had conducted mind-control experiments.

In the Apollo 11 Command Module, Michael Collins lost radio contact with Earth 30 times with a length of 48 minutes each for a total length of 1,440 minutes of isolation.

Something to keep in mind the next time you feel slightly claustrophobic on the CTA.

Trickle-On Economics Update, Space Edition
According to current inflation rates, the Apollo 11 mission cost $578,000,000, give or take a couple tens-of-thousands.

One Giant Leap for Mankind
Notable events to happen after the landing but on July 20:
-The Viking 1 Lander reaches the surface of Mars
-Hank Aaron hits his 755th and final home run
-Gisele B√ľndchen is born
-Canada becomes the fourth nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage

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