Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Time To Think

As I sit here at the computer, my brain is trying to figure out which keys my fingers should press. Normally that's a good thing, as typing something out is better than nothing. And yet, as I reflect back at my blog, it's rather haphazard, as if each article was an excuse to type.

Really, that's a good thing. An unfocused mind gains focus through activity, after all. If a blog reflects a person's thought patterns, interests, and personality, then let it be known that this blog shows a somewhat varied array of curiosities. I feel like sharing them with the world. If the world won't have them, then at least my thoughts are there for someone to take.

Speaking of unfocused, did you know that Ancient Greek has four words for the word "freedom?" According to IF Stone, the time of old philosophers in Athens was the true height of the First Amendment.

I use this time as a means of procrastinating on a personal project that I've been hammering at for weeks now. Since January, I've made leaps and bounds both professionally and personally. These six months included the completion of a leadership training course, occasional performances (at the most biweekly, but at the least monthly), networking like never before, and an academic paper. These accomplishments may pale compared to someone more organized than I, but it also means something crucial for my ego: if that company saw fit to give my old self a try, then companies that would be a better match are now worth going after.

So when I say it's a time to think, it's a reflection of what I was and where I am in the here and now. More importantly, it's a time to think of where I'll be soon. Not to sound cliche, but you never know what's in store in the day ahead of you, and whatever happens, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it. Lately I've come to realize how lucky I am to know some very intelligent people, as well as meeting new and bright faces across all backgrounds. They set examples for me to reach as well as the opportunity to expand my mind. Ultimately, what is the mind good for? Why, to think, of course.

Ah-thank you.

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